Streamline Your Pest Control Business With Smart Service

Welcome to Smart Service, by far the most flexible pest control software you are going to come across. Within Smart Service pest control software, you’ll find a smooth connection with QuickBooks with all your customers, employees and vendors, a list of all your products and services, and even your QuickBooks employee timesheets. We have a very helpful search where you could search by anything, their name, last four digits of someone’s phone number and even by the service or billing address.

When adding information into Smart Service pest control software it gets automatically sent into QuickBooks So if we should change the client information we simply put in our new customer name and fill out the information. Then as soon as you are finished, all you need to do is click Save and Close. One more useful function of Smart Service pest control software would be the multi-tab functionality. You could have numerous separate tabs open all at the same time, permitting you to do a lot of different tasks a lot quicker.

there should be no more mind-numbing imports or exports you have to do to QuickBooks. So as soon as you make a adjustment, you’re able to swiftly enter into QuickBooks and discover the fresh adjustment. So there’s a live, constant feed into QuickBooks when you make any type of modifications.

In regards to scheduling, we offer by far the most flexible scheduler including solutions to handle your numerous divisions. You can also associate different colors based off of timestamps. You can easily simply click any sort of job and find out all the details on the left of the Smart Pane. When it comes to scheduling, it only takes a few mouse clicks.

To create a new job you find the customer then click on Ok. So what’s great is that we’ve now planned the employee date, and time all at one time from the scheduling panel. Just about all that remains is to type in the reason why we are heading out there. Once you’re done, all you need to do is click Save and Close. It is that simple and easy to generate a task right there on your schedule. And within a matter of minutes, this job is going to be dispatched to iFleet.

As soon as the task is scheduled in Smart Service, all that is remaining is for the employee to synchronize to acquire that task. To do that What we should do is touch Synchronize on the Apple device. You will notice we now have two tasks and we can then enter right here and review the whole set of jobs scheduled for that technician.

Included with Smart Service, we have the Mobile Workforce. This is what enables you to see every one of your technicians working with iFleet, you can even quickly come up here and view the place where They were when they last synchronized.

As soon as you click on the arrow, now you can notice a pinpoint showing the most recent time and place they synchronized. Thus giving the chance to keep track of your techs’ timestamps, locations, and more within the Mobile Workforce tab.

In case you have been spending useful production time on the way. Smart Service has a better solution for you. We’ve got a feature known as Advanced Route and Optimization.

This enables you to completely get rid of excess travel time, help you save fuel and reduce mileage. So with the functionality of MapPoint, this allows you to better improve your routes.

Smart Service pest control software does not merely simplify your scheduling process and allow you to ensure your billing by facilitating rapid invoice posting to QuickBooks; we in addition enable you to monitor your ongoing marketing campaigns. We provide robust reporting resources and keep track of follow-ups with diverse sets of correspondence types and more.

Smart Service isn’t merely pest control software; it’s the solution for your expanding organization.