Squash the administrative needs of your pest control company by switching to Smart Service!

We'll shoo away all your scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and workforce tracking problems.

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The Ultimate Pest Control Software Package

Wouldn't you like a little something that does everything?

Employee Scheduling Software
Routing and Dispatching Software
Manages Customer Data
Takes Your Paperwork Digital
Integrates Directly With Quickbooks
iPhone and iPad Business Management App



Customer Data


Quickbooks Integration

Go Mobile


Technically, it's possible to run a pest control business without Smart Service.

But who wants to give themselves that kind of challenge?

Make things easy on yourself. Work smarter with Smart Service.

Smart Service Scheduling Software Saves Your Business Time Save Money using Smart Service management Software Smart Service Dispatch Software can take your business mobile


Our pest control software was built to keep every component of your pest control business in one place. Smart Service instantly updates  QuickBooks as changes are made. Take all that time you were wasting on double entry and spend it on actual, important work!


Efficiency is the name of the game, both in business and in Smart Service. Our Smart Find feature will immediately help your business make money. Start optimizing your travel routes and you'll save massively on gasoline.




With our mobile app iFleet and Google Calendar integration, your business can finally go mobile! Stop relying on clumsy, clunky physical paperwork. Give your workers all the forms, job notes, and customer histories they'll need, right on their phones!



Thousands of operations trust Smart Service to run their business.

Year in, year out, we process millions of work orders.

QuickBooks Gold Developer
Customer Service Award From Columbus CEO
Columbus Chamber of Commerce
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take control of your pest control business. Smart Service's dispatching and scheduling capabilities keep every aspect of your operation in one place.

We'll take your QuickBooks and augment it with scheduling, routing, workforce tracking, dispatching, and equipment tracking.

You can even take things a step further with our mobile app, iFleet. Start completing paperwork in the field at the same time as the job.

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